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stemPlay Camps
stemPlay offers integrated STEM camps during Summer break, Winter holiday break, March break, and PA Days, where we combine outdoor exploration, marker and hacker space fun, computer coding, engineering, robotics, and more around a variety of themes.  All our camps are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education

Our STEM-focused camps are aimed at campers in grade 1 to 5, combining fun and learning through solving real-world problems using hands-on, inquiry based learning. These camps teach campers to think and work like real scientists, engineers, developers, and creative designers. Our campers experience hands-on activities, engaging in fun and developing real-world products and digital creation. Along with STEM driven activities, campers will experience various games and other activities.

PA Day one day camps 2022: $53/day

March break camp 2022: $265

Summer camps 2022: $265

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